Today, I sold my project 43me

It’s been an exciting journey since last December, when I launched 43me, the first digital tickler file app.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the 43me app will be acquired by 2106 Ventures, an Australian Digital Investment firm, as of November 12, 2021.

After building the app from scratch and gathering a following of loyal users, it seems like time to move on for me.

Andrew Wiltshire, CEO of 2106 Ventures said, “We are delighted to be acquiring the 43me App and are excited about the possibilities to continue to grow and develop the app in the future.”

I am sure, Andrew and the 2106 Ventures team are the right people to take 43me to the next level and to continue to provide the best tickler file app in the market.

Thank you all for beeing with me on this journey. I will continue to observe the further developments from afar and will stay an enthusiastic user of the app.

Let’s Go

Enno Däneke

I will be writing on my personal and professional opinion on different topics. I will also report on some of my projects and the companies I work for. 

I am looking forward for your coments and remarks.