How to navigate through and beyond the corona crisis: A ten step guide for leaders

In the midth of the pandamic great leaders look ahead.

Besides some general observations like accelerated digitalization, impacts and opportunities are very different for each market. Nevertheless, there is a set of steps leaders should follow to navigate through the crisis and beyond.

As soon as health and safety of employees is secured, liquidity is secured and a sufficient level of operability is achieved, looking ahead and deciding on the way forward is the prime duty of every leader.

This is a long article, so these are the ten steps to navigate through the crisis based on our scenarios (or any other scenarios for that matter):

  1. Develop your own assumptions on intensity, length and consequences of the crisis
  2. Check how your existing future assumptions are affected
  3. Understand the impact of the crisis on market players and market dynamics
  4. Derive assumptions on how the crisis will change your market
  5. Check the viability of your mission and vision and adapt if needed
  6. Identify opportunities during the crisis
  7. Identify opportunities to gain competitiveness from the crisis
  8. Develop contingency strategies for surprising developments
  9. Write an action plan
  10. Monitor your assumption and your results

The full article is published on LinkedIn Pulse.