Six strategies for success in the next era of mobility

Electromobility and autonomous driving will come. I remember well that even in leading automotive companies this statement was fundamentally questioned just a few years ago. Today, this statement is a common industry assumption. The disagreement in leadership teams remains only about the speed of change and the urgency of action.

Some politicians are still talking about a bright future for the diesel engine, but the leaders of successful automotive companies, suppliers and mobility service providers are already setting their companies up to the next era.

But what can a vision for the new era be if much of today’s business is threatened? In which direction can suppliers develop? Every company has a different starting position and thus also its own future opportunities. However, in the more than ten years that I have been supporting mobility companies on their way to the future, I have come across some recurring archetypes for strategic direction. These are now summarized in a white paper. In addition to our own experiences and those of our clients, we have evaluated about 50 studies on future trends, market scenarios and strategies for car manufacturers and suppliers.

As a result, these basic strategies provide orientation about possible future strategies:

  1. Last man standing
  2. Transfer competencies outside automotive
  3. Pivot to solutions for new mobility
  4. Leapfrog into technologies for new mobility
  5. Become a mobility solutions provider
  6. Become a white label manufacturer

Each of these strategies has its own unique implications, opportunities, challenges and tactical opportunities. To successfully lead your business into the future, the archetypes must be aligned with the status quo of your business and with your vision for the future. Our white paper shall serve as a checklist and starting point for the review of your future strategy.

You can download the white paper “How to survive the mobility disruption: 6 strategy archetypes and 8 tactical moves if your business is threatened by the next era of mobility” free of charge