About me

I am a strategist, keynote speaker, investor and entrepreneur.

From 2005 to 2022, I supported companies in my role as managing partner at the FutureManagementGroup AG. My focus lies in developing future strategies with top management teams in automotive, mobility, logistics and mechanical engineering industries. I initiated and managed numerous future studies.

In 2019 I founded fortythree.me to build tools that help to increase focus and productivity. The mission was to help everybody to take back control over their time, to get stuff done more easily and to stay “in the flow”. I exited the company in 2021 through an acquisition by an Australian digital venture firm.

Since 2022, I am responsible to the strategic development of the fischer group.

As an investor, I focus on technologies and business models solving the great human challenges of our time.

As keynote speaker at conferences and events across Europe, I share my conncect experiences with profound analysis and inspiring stories from the future.